Please contact us for pricing information.
We believe that our relationship with Medi-Com Consulting Inc. gives us a distinct advantage in providing not only secure messaging, but secure billing services as well as it allows our doctors to submit same-day WCB claims. Our doctors are also better able to safely communicate to billing agents already handling their billing which is a huge advantage to both parties involved.
Users also are able to achieve a Return-On-Investment by billing E-consultations on our secure electronic platform, as well as being able to submit WCB claims in the allotted premium time frame.
Of course! If a doctor chooses to bundle their services and sign up for multiple monthly subscription services, they will be offered a discount for doing so!
Our goal is to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between our doctors and our company. As such, if a doctor signs up for both services, they will be given a discount for bundling services. If you are interested in both services please contact our system administrator for more information.
How do I sign up for Medi-Messaging?
Users can sign up for Medi-Messaging by clicking on the “Sign Up” button located on our website. From here, users will fill out specific pieces of information required to help us verify and approve a doctor’s identity before they are granted access to our service.
Doctors will be required to provide their Last name, First name, Date of Birth, among other medical related pieces of information.
Doctors interested in signing up clinic staff or admin assistants for Medi-Messaging can do so by adding/assigning admin staff to their profile. A system Admin will contact and approve this addition so that the clinic staff/admin assistant can use our service as well.
Yes, you will need to update/amend your PIA when you decide to use Medi-Messaging. Our staff will guide you and help you update your PIA in anyway possible.
Yes, both parties involved; doctor and information manager will need to sign an IMA before using Medi-Messaging.
We have an Information Managers Agreement template in our printed materials section located on the homepage portion of our website. Please click on the, “Printed Materials” button on our homepage or contact our Support Team.
We would absolutely be open to working with other secure messaging providers or EMRs in order to better allow doctors to communicate with one another on any secure electronic communication platform.

Using Medi-Messaging

Doctors can capture their conversations by using the “Snippet Tool” on PCs, taking a screen shot by hitting “Command-Shift-4” on a Mac, or by hitting the “lock button-home button” simultaneously on an Iphone. After a photo of the conversation is captured, users can attach this photo as a PDF, JPEG, etc., to the EMRs system in question so that they can bill the e-consult or referral in question.
If a doctor does not use the system for 15 minutes, the login session is automatically logged out and the user is taken to the login screen to validate themselves again.


Most usable internet browser are supported by Medi-Messaging like:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera
And so on...
Medi-Messaging has a printed material section on our website that outlines how to do certain processes when you are a new user like how to register, how to invite a colleague, how to sign up an administrator assistant, along with many other tutorials aimed at making your experience with us as pleasant as possible. We also have several YouTube tutorial videos that users can watch that can answer any issues you may have when using our system. We also have technical support during normal business hours outlined a little later in this FAQ section in an effort to ensure that your needs are always met.
Doctors can contact the Medi-Messaging support team by filling out a contact form best matching the description of the problem, or by emailing our Admin.
Click on the, “Forgot password” link, and an email with your predetermined personal verification questions will be sent to your verified email address.

Common Questions

On the top of your page, place your curser over, “welcome ”. A drop down menu appears that will give you the option to “edit profile”. Click, “edit profile” and change any information you wish to update.
On a messaging platform messages are more like conversations between users that all occur on one secure internal server. This helps ensure that all of your conversations are always secure largely because they never leave our proprietary encrypted system. In an email-like platform, messages can be sent to users on their own secure internal server as well as onto other outside servers. This makes it easier to reach users outside of their subscription service, but leaves them more prone to messages being compromised at the same time. We at Medi-Messaging believe that the best and only real way to send conversations to users is in a messaging platform. This ensures that conversations always remain secured by our strict encryption algorithms and security protocols.
To invite a colleague not yet using Medi-Messaging, click on “invite colleagues” icon at the top of your page. Once you click on the icon, enter the name, and email address of the person you are inviting to Medi-Messaging. An email with a link will be sent to the colleague you invited. Once your colleague registers for a free trial, he or she will be able to read your secure message. Users can also type in the colleague’s name and email address in the “Recipient” field if they are not already in our system. Here, an email with a link will be sent to the invited doctor. The invited doctor can then click on the link and register for our secure messaging service on a trial basis. Once registered, doctors can then read the message that was sent to them.
If you forgot your password, click on the “forgot password” link under the normal login section. An email will be sent to you, with a link to secret questions/answers you provided when you first registered with Medi-Messaging.
When you start a message, simply click on normal or high to set or adjust the priority level to your liking.
Like a subject line, a title line appears at the top of every message. Simply enter whatever title you wish before sending a secure message.
No, at Medi-Messaging your privacy is our highest priority and as such we have gone to great lengths to not collect cookies from our users.